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VTB Infrastructure Holding is the leader of the Russian infrastructure investment market

VTB Infrastructure Holding is the market leader in Russian infrastructure investments, focusing on strategic and commercially successful projects, based on private-public partnerships and concession agreements, and is the largest investor in Russian infrastructure. In total, since 2007 more than $18 bn has been invested in country’s infrastructure, including nearly $6,5 bn of loans and equity capital from the VTB Group.

bn USD of Russian
and foreign investment
bn USD of loans
and own funds of VTB Group
companies in the Holding's own investment portfolio
thousands employees
in the Holding's companies

VTB Infrastructure Holding employs extensive tools for performing a wide range of tasks at every stage of any infrastructure projects from projects concept consultation to tender arrangements, fundraising, asset construction and then subsequent operation.

VTB Infrastructure Holding offers a full range of financial, legal, construction, maintenance, development and engineering services for infrastructure projects. The Holding’s team has accumulated extensive expertise in transport, power, oil and gas, utilities and social infrastructure in Russia and CIS, in EU countries, North America, Asia and Africa. VTB Infrastructure Holding also provides financial consulting services out of its Moscow and London offices, and being a part of VTB Group, offers our customers the whole spectrum of banking and financial services.

VTB Infrastructure Holding’s portfolio includes more than 10 major projects that are among the largest not just in Russia, but in Europe

The portfolio is diverse and spans multiple industries: toll roads over 200 km long in total, airports servicing about 20 mn passengers per year, grain terminals with throughput of over 15 mn tons per year etc.

km long
toll roads
mn passengers servicing
per year

As of today, VTB Infrastructure Holding has taken part in implementation of all flagship projects in Russia. In particular, the Holding’s portfolio features such landmark and large-scale projects as Pulkovo Airport in Saint-Petersburg (EUR1,2 bn), the first intracity toll highway, Western High-Speed Diameter in (EUR6 bn, a world’s major toll road project under PPP arrangements), Sections 7-8 of M-11 toll highway Moscow – Saint-Petersburg (EUR1,3 bn), Eastern Exit toll road in Ufa, major seaport assets in Novorossiysk and Taman.

VTB Infrastructure Holding set up three designated service engineering, construction and operations structures to provide efficient and focused technology expertise.

In total, VTB Infrastructure Holding team secured and managed financing for various projects for over $100 bn

VTB Infrastructure Holding companies currently employ over 7 000 people. Our team has accumulated exceptional professional expertise from working for major foreign banks and finance institutions, such as Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, JPMorgan, ABN AMRO, Royal Bank of Canada, KPMG, Société Générale, Ernst&Young.

VTB Group set up its infrastructure unit.
VTB Group as a part of Northern Capital Gateway international consortium wins the tender for development of Pulkovo Airport in Saint-Petersburg.
30-year private-public partnership between “Northern Capital Gateway” LLC and the city of Saint-Petersburg for construction, refurbishment and operation of Pulkovo Airport signed.
Northern Capital Gateway consortium together with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and MFC successfully completed syndication of a commercial tranche to finance Pulkovo Airport reconstruction for EUR 200 mn.
Northern Capital Gateway consortium, controlled by VTB Group, won the tender for construction of the central section of the Western High-Speed Diameter and started implementation of the central section construction project.
Concession agreement signed between “Regional Investment Company” LLC and the Republic of Udmurtia for the construction of bridges across Kama and Bui rivers near the city of Kambarka of the Republic of Udmurtia – Russia’s first regional public-private partnership project in road construction.
VTB Group together with French Vinci corporation started implementation of the project to build and operate Sections 7 and 8 of M-11 toll highway Moscow – Saint-Petersburg.
VTB Capital managed the first Russian infrastructure bond issue.
  • Construction of the central section of the Western High-Speed Diameter, the highway was commissioned.
  • VTB Group took part in the concession agreement to finance, construct and operate a toll highway in the Republic of Bashkortostan – a new exit from Ufa to M-5 Ural Federal Highway (Eastern Exit)
Consortium of investors with participation of VTB Group acquired Airport Gelendzhik LLC
  • VTB Group acquired Novorossiysk grain terminal and bought into one of Russia’s largest grain terminals – PAO NGP.
  • Sections 7 and 8 of M-11 toll highway Moscow – Saint-Petersburg commissioned.
  • VTB IH acquired 26% in Pur project (name to be specified later)
  • VTB Group acquired 50% in Taman Grain Terminal Complex
  • Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District launched traffic across the bridge over the Pur River, build with the participation of VTB Infrastructure Holding
  • Started construction of the largest interchange of the Western High-Speed Diametr with Vitebsky Prospekt with the participation of VTB infrastructure Holding