VTB Infrastructure Holding supports management, social and environmental responsibility principles, reflecting our obligations to our customers, partners and the public

We regularly interact with a wide range of interested parties, including investors, government, regulators, contractors with the purpose of involvement in a common agenda. This dialog is crucial for building strong relations, trust, management of resources and performance improvement.

Our approach is based on the following key pillars:

Environmental and Social Risk Management

Launching any project, even at a concept phase we consider environmental safety. We think of reducing environmental impact via our commercial solutions and solutions of our partners

Relevance for public and end user

It is important for us to know which public goals will be achieved by a project and how useful it could be for end users

Business conduct and ethics

We adhere to the principles of transparency and openness when running our business


We create jobs, improve demography and care about longevity of the population. We drive charity efforts and pursue good works

Investments and markets

We evaluate not only direct impact of our projects, but project-related indirect economic effects as well (for example, tax revenues etc.)

As a socially responsible company, we maintain high business standards, follow good ethical standards and leverage our many years of experience for investing and building public infrastructure.